Homeownership is a huge responsibility. If you own a home, there’s always some sort of maintenance or upkeep that needs to be done. Some homeowners may even try to put essential tasks off in an effort to avoid dealing with the challenges that projects can present.

Roof replacement is one of those projects that homeowners often tend to procrastinate on. This behavior is completely understandable; roof replacement can seem like an overwhelming job!

The Process of Replacing A Residential Roof

But the issue isn’t that the job itself is difficult – homeowners’ reluctance mostly comes from not understanding the process involved in a roof replacement. So to help demystify this essential home maintenance project, here’s a quick guide to the common steps of roof replacement.

  1. Research and select a company to replace your roof
  2. Get your current roof inspected
  3. Get a detailed estimate that lines out all the details
  4. Approval of replacement terms laid out in the estimate

1. Research Nashville Roof Replacement Companies

The first step you need to take is to check into local roof replacement companies and
determine which one you’d like to work with.
In order to find roof replacement companies with excellent reputations, check for ratings
on sites like Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, Houzz, and Facebook. By
reviewing what past clients have had to say about their work, you should be able to find
a good selection of roof replacement companies to choose from.

Some homeowners might be tempted to go the DIY route but in most cases, it’s not
worth the time, energy, and frustration it would cost.
How many weekends would you have to sacrifice in order to do your own roof
replacement? Do you have the skills, tools, and training necessary to do quality work on
your roof replacement or would you likely end up with shoddy work?
Take our roof replacement advice: If you want to end up with a sturdy, well-crafted roof
covered by a warranty, find a Nashville roofer with exceptional ratings and a stellar

2. Get Your Current Roof Inspected

Once you have contacted the Nashville roofer of your choice, they’ll visit your home to
evaluate the state of your roof. During the inspection, your Nashville roofer will likely ask
about your roof’s age & history, look for signs of damage, take essential measurements,
photograph any problem areas, and discuss your roofing needs with you in depth.

3. Roof Replacement Estimate

After the roof inspection, your Nashville roofer may take some time to review their
findings before presenting you with a detailed roof replacement estimate. The roof
replacement estimate is a formal proposal that contains a variety of information that can
 Overall assessment of your roof
 Notes on any roofing damage that was observed
 Roof replacement advice
 Material options
 Total roof replacement cost including labor and materials
 Amount of deposit required
 Proposed dates of completion

4. Agree on The Terms of Roof Replacement

Once you receive a roof replacement estimate from your Nashville roofer, take time to
look it over and write down whatever questions you may have.
Don’t be afraid to raise any issue – Do you want to know more about your roofing
material options before committing to one type or another? Would you like to change
the proposed dates of the project? Do you have questions about the roof replacement

If there’s anything in the roof replacement estimate that you’re unsure about or would
like to change, bring it up to your Nashville roofer. The ball is in your court now; don’t
sign on the dotted line until you’re satisfied with the roof replacement estimate.

5. Get the Proper Local Building Permits for Your Roof Replacement

Once you and your Nashville roofer have come to an agreement on the roof
replacement estimate, the next step is to acquire the necessary permits. Don’t worry – if you have ADD
you don’t have to take care of this step; this is solely the responsibility of your Nashville
roofer. They’ll file the proper paperwork to get the building permits required for your roof
replacement project.

6. Removing the Old Roof & Installing The New

And now, it’s finally time for your roof replacement to start. It’s going to be a pretty easy
process for you because you’ve got reliable Nashville roofers to do the job for you! But
here’s what your Nashville roofers will be doing while you sit back and relax:
 Removing and disposing of all old roofing materials
 Checking roof decking and making any repairs, if necessary
 Placing and securing synthetic underlayment, which provides your roof
with additional protection from wind and rain
 Installing the shingles that you selected for your home in the finalized roof
replacement estimate.
 Thoroughly cleaning up the work site and hauling all debris away

Your Roof Replacement is Done!

And just like that, your roof is finished! If you took our roof replacement advice, the
process was an easy one. What at first seems like an overwhelming project really isn’t
that difficult at all when you hire a reputable Nashville roofer with ample roof
replacement experience.

If your home needs a roof replacement, we invite you to give us a call. At Tennessee
Contracting Services, we have years of experience in the roofing industry.
Our Nashville roofers pride themselves on providing top-notch craftsmanship and
excellent customer service at reasonable rates. You can reach us at 615-590- 7428 or
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