Buying a home can be a daunting task that often leaves home buyers feeling uncertain about their decision. As quickly as Nashville is growing and as tempting as it is to jump into buying a home nobody wants to get stuck in the proverbial “money pit” with a huge expense or a “honey do” that nickel dimes them into the poor house.

It has been said, “Money can’t buy everything.” However, if you’re following the ultimate first time home buyers guide then you’ll learn that money CAN buy piece of mind when you hire a licensed home inspector to review your potential home and generate a report on the property condition. As certified roofing contractors, we often work with home inspectors to make sure buyers get what the seller is claiming is true.

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How do you know if you are getting a good home inspector? The State of Tennessee has regulated the home inspection industry. But frankly, the rule is kind of loose and allows liberty for the home inspector to pursue his own reporting style and standards of reporting.

We reached out to Aaron Schroer the owner and Lead Inspector for Tennessee Home Inspectors to give us a hand in putting together a list of questions you really need to ask them before you hire. Putting some effort in your search and interviewing your potential home inspector can promote a positive buying experience and ensure that you move into a home you cherish.

Here is a list of 21 questions you can use to interview a home inspector.

  1. What is your license number? (You can contact the state commission to ensure he is in good standing, insured, and does not have any complains on record.)
  2. What certifications do you hold?
  3. Are you a member of any industry specific organizations?
  4. What is your background prior to home inspection?
  5. What is your experience in the industry?
  6. Is home inspection your full time job?
  7. What is your reporting style?
  8. What is your inspection process or inspection methods? What do you check in the kitchen, bathroom, attic, basement and bedrooms?
  9. Are you going to get on the roof and into the tight areas of attics and crawlspaces? Age and size appropriate for these tasks?
  10. Do you offer any additional services?
  11. What systems or components are the home do you exclude from your inspection and report? I.e. Do you check HVAC, Radon or mold, or asbestos and asbestos cancer risks.
  12. Do you have a network of other professionals to recommend when necessary?
  13. What systems do you use to make the process smooth and easy for you the client? (ie. scheduling, payment options, client agreement, report delivery)
  14. What is your price structure?
  15. When are you available?
  16. How long do you spend at the property?
  17. When is the report delivered?
  18. Do you offer a warranty?
  19. How many inspections do you do in a day?
  20. Will you go over the report with me?
  21. Will you send me a sample report?